“The Perpetual Human-Divine Dance”

June 21, 2020 | Genesis 21:1-20; Romans 6:1b-1   

Last week we heard the story of God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son in their old age.   Before this promise came, Sarah had already directed Abraham to have a child with their Egyptian slave woman Hagar.  And he did.  Hagar gave birth to a son named Ishmael.   Years later […]

“If You Wanna Make a Baby, You Gotta Make Love”

June 14, 2020 | Genesis 18:1-15; Romans 5:1-5 

This morning we are going to talk about hope and my tagline is:  “If you hope to make a baby, you’ve gotta make love.”   By the time we get to this story about Abraham and Sarah, they have been married for around seventy years.  He in his nineties, and she is post-menopausal.  When Abraham was […]

“Already, Not Yet – Becoming One Body” #3

September 24, 2017 | Romans 12:1-21

This is our last week focused on the theme of already—but not yet.   We are becoming mindful of the reality that, by the grace of God, the whole cosmos and we ourselves are in process of being made new, of being freed from the effects of sin, and creeping decay, and gradual death.   This morning, […]

Already, Not Yet – Part 2

September 17, 2017 | Romans 6:3-12

This is our second week focused on the “already-not yet” reality of creation’s existence and our own experience of this “already-not yet.”  Last week, we talked about the truth that the whole creation is groaning and we are groaning too.  We know that things are not all right.  There is brokenness, pain, and suffering around […]

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