Henry Hudson sails up the Hudson River and the Dutch colony of New Netherlands is founded.


Esopus (Wiltwyck/Kingston), the third oldest settlement in New Netherlands, is founded by Thomas Chambers.


Religious services are held in the homes of settlers and after 1654, under the direction of Andries van der Sluys, who could perform religious functions except for the sacraments (Baptism and Marriage).


First Esopus Indian War, Peter Stuyvesant orders stockade built designating a corner plot for the erection of a church. Stuyvesant is urged to intensify his plea to Classis of Amsterdam for a duly ordained minister.


The congregation of the First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church is officially organized.


Dominie Hermanus Blom is sent to the New World by Classis of Amsterdam and he is installed as the first minister of Old Dutch Church which had 16 members at the time.


The erection of a small wooden church is completed with gifts of material and the labor of parishioners.


Dominie-Doctor Laurentius Van Gaasbeek was installed in a newly constructed stone church.


The new stone church is dedicated. The congregation had grown to 60 members.


Johannis Weekstein serves as minister for six years.


Laurentius Van den Bosch serves as minister for two years.


John Nucella serves as minister for nine years.


Henricus Beys serves as minister for two years and the congregation had grown to 250 members.


The 55 year ministry of Petrus Vas began.


George Wilhelmus came along as Associate Minister to assist the aging and venerable Vas. He is credited with setting up 39 “daughter” Reformed Protestant Dutch Churches throughout the Hudson River Valley.


Dr. Hermanus Meyer served as minister.


Dominie George Jacob Leonard Doll is installed as minister. He was an outspoken supporter of American Liberty, advocating complete separation from Great Britain.

September 1777

John Jay and other local patriots organized at what is now the Senate House to draft the first New York State Constitution and form the first New York State Senate. The Assembly met nearby in a local tavern and George Clinton was sworn in at the Ulster County Courthouse as the first Governor of New York State. Kingston became the first capital of New York State.

October 1777

British troops land at Kingston Point on the Hudson River and burn the entire village, including the Old Dutch Church to the ground. The church is quickly repaired and used for another half-century.


General George Washington visits Kingston and Dominie Doll and the Consistory of Old Dutch Church welcome him. He writes a letter to thank the church for such a “high mark of public esteem.” He later becomes the Inaugural President of the United States of America. Other American Presidents who have worshipped at Old Dutch Church over the years include Martin Van Buren, Ulysses S. Grant, and Chester A. Arthur.


Dr. John Gosman, first American-born Domine is installed. Not versed in the Dutch language, he was the first to switch Church records and sermons to English.


A growing congregation called for the erection of a new brick church.


Dr. John Lillie, a scholarly translator of New Testament scriptures, served the church for five years.


Ulster County-born John Van Wagenen with evangelistic zeal added 248 new members.


John C.F. Hoes was installed and he was a prime mover and facilitator in the realization of the present church.


Renowned architect Minard Lafever designed and erected the current structure which was built of native Bluestone and designed in the style of Christopher Wren.


The Civil War begins and to support the Union cause, the N.Y. 120th Infantry under the command of General George H. Sharpe enlisted many members of the congregation. He was a prominent citizen and Old Dutch Church parishioner. The flags presented to his regiment and carried into battle are proudly displayed in the Narthex of the Church. Following the conclusion of the Civil War, General Sharpe presented a bronze statue as a memorial to the N.Y. 120th Infantry. This unique monument, entitled Patriotism, stands in the Old Dutch Church cemetery and it is the only on one of its kind erected by a general to his men.


David Vanderveer began a line of dedicated and revered Domines to include Dr. John Van Slyke installed in 1876, Dr. James Leeper installed in 1910, and Dr. Lucas Boeve installed in 1922.


George Clinton is laid to rest in Kingston after being originally buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington D.C. The same monument that was erected in his honor in Washington still stands in Old Dutch Church cemetery. George Clinton died in office as Vice President under James Madison. He had previously served as Vice President under Thomas Jefferson. He was the longest serving Governor of any US state and the only man in history to serve as Vice President under two Presidents.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt speaks at the Annual George Washington Dinner.


Reverend Arthur E. Oudemool, pastor-emeritus, is installed and under his leadership the Old Dutch Church maintained its role as a community institution. The congregation grew to nearly 1,000 members.


Bethany Hall is added on to the main structure to serve the expanding congregation’s need for more room. Bethany Hall is used for many community functions and still is to this day.


Kingston celebrates its 300th Anniversary and Her Majesty Juliana Queen of the Netherlands and his Royal Highness Bernhard Prince of the Netherlands visit Old Dutch Church.


New York State celebrates the 350th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage and Old Dutch Church celebrates its Tercentennial. Her Royal Highness Beatrix Princess of the Netherlands visits the church and signs our guest book, which her mother had previously signed during her visit to the church.


Reverend Abraham DeVries serves as Dominie for two years.


Major restoration of the tallest church steeple in Kingston commences. The Kingston skyline evolves as the color of the steeple changes from dark gray to white after being painted.


Paul A. Benes began his 20 year ministry at Old Dutch Church. He was our tallest minister standing 6 feet 10 inches tall.


Dr. Willis A. Jones, who came over to America from Scotland, was installed as minister.


Old Dutch Church has served as a bastion of support for the community during many dark and tragic periods of American history including World War I and II, the sinking of the Titanic and the Assassination of William McKinley. Most recently, on September 11, Old Dutch Church hosted a prayer vigil for residents during the horrific terrorist attacks on our nation.


Reverend Kenneth L. Walsh was installed as the 23rd minister of Old Dutch Church. There have been 32 Dominies who have served the church including Interim Ministers.


The new website is redesigned and launched.


Old Dutch Church is designated a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of the Interior.


The 350th Anniversary of Old Dutch Church and the NY 400 state-wide celebration of Henry Hudson’s voyage.


Old Dutch Church expands our online presence and joins Facebook.


Old Dutch officially becomes a ‘Room for All’ Church and an open and affirming congregation.


The East Wall of the Church is stabilized and the steel structural girders are removed and restoration work of the main Sanctuary is completed! Gov. and V.P. George Clinton is celebrated at his monument in the Churchyard.


Old Dutch Church installs its first female minister, the Dr. Rev. Renee House and joins Twitter!