Rev. Liz Estes
(She/her) Minister

Mr. Robert Sweeney,
(he/him) Commissioned Pastor

Mrs. Patricia N. Hall,
(she/her) Administrative Assistant

Ms. Dewi Pangaribuan,
(she/her) Minister of Music

Ms. Bethany Pietroniro,
(she/her) Church Musician

Ms. Luci Windsong-Rain
(she/her), Sound/Tech

Mrs. Patricia Allen,
(she/her) Treasurer
Ms. Jean Campbell (she/her) and Mr. Geoff Parker (he/him), Sextons



The Consistory is the gathering of Elders and Deacons who provide for the material and spiritual well-being of the congregation and larger community in which we live, love, and serve.  Together we discern God’s desire and give direction to the mission and ministry of the Church.


Patricia Allen (she/her), Lydia Newcombe (she/her), Pam Parmelee (she/her) and Robert Sweeney (he/him)


Willow Harrington (she/her), Ellen Brown (she/her), Gilbert Plantinga (he/him) and Jeanne Rakowski (she/her)