Special Services

Every Service of Worship is a celebration of God’s love.  This especially so when two people give themselves in marriage, and when infants, children, or adults receive the sacrament of baptism.



Baptism is the Sacrament in which God seals persons in the covenant of God’s love and grace, fully shown in Jesus Christ.  Those baptized are joined to Christ and become members of his Body, the Church. In the Reformed tradition, we baptize infants, children, and adults.  If you are interested in receiving baptism for yourself or your children, please contact the church office at 845-338-5759 or  info@olddutchchurch.org.  Feel free to complete and bring the appropriate form with you.

Infant/Child Baptism

Adult Baptism


The sanctuary of the Old Dutch Church provides a beautiful space in which to be married. We believe that all the love in the universe is grounded in God’s love: “We love because God first loved us.” Christian marriage is a covenant made by two persons before God and human witnesses in a service of public worship. Your marriage ceremony will seal your life together, not only legally, but also as partners who seek to live from and manifest the grace and love of God. A member of the ministry staff of the Old Dutch Church will officiate at your wedding, and will meet with you to prepare you for marriage through conversation and counseling, and to plan your wedding service. If you wish to have another member of the clergy share in the service, you can arrange this with the minister you will be working with. Feel free to contact the Church office at 845-338- 6759 or info@olddutchchurch.org with any questions.

Wedding overview and form